Sport-sponsoring is an attractive marketing strategy for almost every company. 60% of the money spent on sponsorships is used for such in the sports-world. More than half of the 5.000 biggest companies in Germany are actively sponsoring sports.

There is almost no other form of advertising that can create such an excitement for a product. Sports plays an important role in society and is almost exclusively connected to positive attributes. The concept “sports” unifies several terms that are highly relevant for marketing success such as: Health, dynamic. emotions, relaxation, happiness and motivation. 

Sports is one of the biggest leisure-time interests of society today and is highly attractive for sponsors because of its diversity. The media reach and the huge spectrum it has to offer helps a lot of companies to reach their marketing goals.

The high consumption of all the different media channels is changing the classic sport-sponsoring right now which makes Influencer Marketing so much more important.  This direct form of communication is used by many companies to reach their ideal target-group. They place their products in a believable surrounding without having a whole lot of divergence loss. It is almost mandatory to create a perfect “fit” between the sponsor and the sponsoree so that the product placement can be viewed as authentic.

The goals of sponsoring are:

  • Improving the Image
  • Publicity
  • Cultivation of contacts
  • Customer relations
  • analyzing new target groups
  • Reaching short- and midterm revenue goals
  • Social responsibility
  • employee motivation
  • analyzing new channels of distribution
  • product-marketing goals
  • HR-Marketing

Sport-Sponsoring is an indispensable revenue stream for clubs, athletes and associations; for professionals and amateurs alike.