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How contemporary is the Sponsorship Pyramid?

The big companies in today's world are sponsoring global soccer clubs like there is no tomorrow. The arabic airline "Emirates" supports 9 (!) teams at once, including the current Champions-League champion Real Madrid. Red Bull takes the concept of sponsoring a team one step further and owns five teams at the

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The Refugee-Team “Sports United”

Munich - They hail from Afghanistan, Somalia and the Iraq. They came to Germany all by themselves, without their families. They are 13 to 32 years old have one thing in common: Football. The team "Sports United Munich" has been active for over three years now. They practice twice a

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Success with Betting on the Olympics? – An Analysis

Sports-betting on the results of the Olympics The German sports betters have placed bets worth approximately 4,8 Billion Euros in all of last year, naturally on the most popular sport in the country: Soccer. But every four years, a sporting event of major importance lurks around the corner and fascinates

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Make Money with Shorts! – The Winning Run of Shorts-Sponsorships

It is hotly debated whether shorts-sponsoring is a lucrative and efficient source of revenue for sports teams or whether it overloads the sports market with publicity. While the debate becomes more and more passionate and emotional, sports lawyers and associations have already clarified certain obscurities and passed new laws. Sponsoo

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The 5 Biggest Misapprehensions While Searching For a Sponsor

How to avoid the 5 biggest misapprehensions while searching for a sponsor The search for potential sponsors is a hot topic for a lot of clubs and athletes in the world. The Sponsoo-Team lists the 5 biggest misapprehensions to make the search for your next sponsor an easy one. Fallacy:

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Five important aspects in a sponsoring-contract

To negotiate a fair contract between a sponsor and athlete, one should always seek the help of professionals. Although agreements are not always done the same way, there are five questions that should always be considered before signing a sponsorship-contract. These five points can not be missing in a contract: The

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The Importance Of Sport-Sponsoring

Sport-sponsoring is an attractive marketing strategy for almost every company. 60% of the money spent on sponsorships is used for such in the sports-world. More than half of the 5.000 biggest companies in Germany are actively sponsoring sports. There is almost no other form of advertising that can create such

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What does the “BreXit” mean for the world of sports?

The resignation of Great Britain from the European Union (EU) was all over the news for the last couple of months. The "Brexit" was one of the trending topics, even during the European soccer championship last summer. We took a look at the News-Aggregator-Portal "SportBuzz" to visualize the trend: "brexit",

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The three biggest mistakes while acquiring sponsors.

The sponsoring platform Sponsoo has analyzed over 1.000 sponsoring applications of athletes who have been looking for a sponsor for over 5 months now whithout seeing any results. A lot of the applications contained related mistakes that lowered the chances for a succesful deal significantly. Sponsoo presents the three most

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Content Marketing in Sports- the ideal advertiser

Everybody is talking about content-marketing. But what exactly is it? Is it just another, academic sounding, term of the modern economy or an useful instrument for companies of all industrial sectors? The idea behind "content-marketing" is to provide useful information for your costumers and to create a bond between the costumer

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