Munich – They hail from Afghanistan, Somalia and the Iraq. They came to Germany all by themselves, without their families. They are 13 to 32 years old have one thing in common: Football. The team “Sports United Munich” has been active for over three years now. They practice twice a week – come rain or shine. But even more important than winning a game or scoring a goal are fairness, respect and friendship.

One big concern of the team were jerseys: The shirts are just as different and colorful as the homelands of the players.  “Jerseys, especially in football, are important for the identity and the appearance for  a squad. Especially during the friendlies which are the highlight in our yearly sports calendar” says the initiator of Sports United. “Thanks to Sponsoo, we were able to find a sponsor for our new kits within a week: We will receive a new set from the WINNER Training und Consulting GmbH – This is awesome!

It is a great success for the CEO of the WINNER Training and Consulting GmbH, Kai Farschid, as well: “We were excited if we could win the auction and were super happy when we were told that we won. We are more than happy to support Sports United Munich because we believe in the team. And because we know that we can support an important project with our engagement. ”


We asked Kai Farschid for an interview to dig deeper about his motivation for a sponsorship.

Sponsoo: Hello Mr. Farschid, congratulations on your successful sponsorship! How did it happen?

Kai Farschid: Thank You! That was quite a nice coincidence! I was sitting at home on a saturday-night and saw the offering on Facebook, because a friend shared it. I read the article and once I read that it was refugees who are playing for “Sports United”, I did not think twice.

Sponsoo: Very nice! What was your motivation?

Kai Farschid: We are a middle-class company with very high values. We feel that we have a social responsibility and want to do something for the community we live in. We add to that feel with our sponsorship of “Sports United”

Sponsoo: We like that! What were your other goals?

Kai Farschid: I want every employee to identify himself with my company. We can not always have our price on the revenue. The sponsorship motivates our whole team. We, as a team,  are supporting a very good cause here which makes everybody to act in concert.

Sponsoo: What are your plans in the future?

Kai Farschid: I will continue to search through and hope to find some more interesting offers that fit our company. We have great knowledge in the field of personal development which is steerable through sports.

Sponsoo: We wish you the best of luck, Mr. Farschid. Thank you for this interview.

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