Classic sports like football, swimming or ice hockey are played and known around the whole world.

Sports that are not truly featured in the mainstream media but still widely popular, like curling  have a fairly big fanbase, even though they do not have big sponsorship deals.

But have you ever heard about CarniX or Ultimate? The Sponsoo-Team presents six fairly unpopular sports, that offer interesting opportunities for potential sponsors of all kinds.

  1. Cricket

Cricket is very popular in the Commonwealth-Countries. In German-speaking countries however, the ball-batting game is a fringe sport. In the game of Cricket, similar to Baseball, a thrower (Bowler) and a Batter are opposing each other. The Bowler is trying to force mistakes by the batter while he the batter himself wants to hit the ball as fast as he can to score points for his team.

The Cricket Pitch is very big, so there is a lot of free space available to sponsors. For example, one could place his logo anywhere in the field. In a blog article last year, we portrayed the refugee-team of „Sports United“. Just like Sports United, the SC Europa Cricket Club is using the power of sports as a help for immigrants. Sponsoo is helping the cause with a very own profile for SC Europa.

2. CarniX

With CarniX, one can take his best four-legged friend, go out into the nature and do what they like to do the most: Run. No matter race or size, every dog can do CarniX with their respective owner. Dogs just love to run around without any restraints, so the ambitious owner can participate in CarniX-competition with just some small practice sessions. While the fitness of both the runner and the dog go up, CarniX also socializes the dog and lowers it’s potential towards aggression. CarniX races, also referred to as CarniCross, are usually held in fall and winter, because the temperatures could be too high for some races.

Sponsors can use the perfect bond between human and animal to add some extr flair to their brand. Whether it be on the leash, the neckband or on high-quality pictures of the races: CarniX athletes like Michael Tetzner are happy to listen to every offer.

3. Ultimate

Ultimate was invented in 1968 as Ultimate Frisbee and was counting 5,1 Million active players. The idea is close to the one of American Football: The Goal is to catch the thrown Frisbee in the opponents „Endzone“ located the other end of the playing field. Whoever is in posession of the frisbee is not allowed to take any steps with it, what makes Ultimate an intense running-game for everybody involved. However, the game does not involve a lot of contact between the players and the idea of „fair play“ hovers over everything – there is no active referee.
German National championships are being held since 1981. Beyond that, there is a National team that is going to participate in the world championship in Perth 2018 and is still looking for sponsors! The Sponsoo-Team is suggesting to place your company’s logo on the frisbee’s very middle. It offers a big space and ist he focus of attention fort he whole game. Furthermore, there are a lot of opportunities to play with the word „Ultimate“. We would be happy to create the ultimative campaign for your brand! :)

4. Splashdiving

Splahdiving as a sports includes every jump into deep water, where the diver hits the water with his bottom first. The goal is to splash as much water up into the air while hitting the water. You might have guessed it: There also is a Splashdiving world championship with the goal, to elect the best diver from the 10-Meter platform. The current champion is the 16-year old Franziska Fritz, who was able to pull of the best cannonball of all divers. The names of the figures are funny too. Here are some examples: wide cat, the Anchor, the Open Elvis and the potato.
The third placed of the mentioned world championships. Gerrit Köhler, can pull those figures off without trying too hard. The owner of a great YouTube-Channel is offering a placement in his videos to potential sponsors. Companies that want to add some spice to their brand might want to look into splashdiving!

5. Firefight-sports

Everbody knows that the firefighters are fighting fires, obviously. But almost no sports fan is aware of the fact that some firefighters are competing in special disciplines. The „firefighters sport“ is a sport, that was created on the  basis of the fighters everydays work. The following 5 disciplines make up the fundation oft he sport:

Wet extinguishing (a team of 7 has to put out a fire within a short period of time while wearing their full uniform).

The hook ladder race (the athletes have to climb a three-level building with a hook ladder. Current world record: 12,56 seconds).

The 100-meter-obstacle course (the athletes have to hurdle over a set of obstacles over the course of 100 meters. Current world record: 14,77 seconds).

The 4×100-Meter-Relay (4 athletes have to hurdle over set obstacles. Relay version of the 100-meter-obstacle course. Current world record: 53,52 seconds).

The group-race (only women participate in this race, which is close to the relay).

Team Havelland created a profile on Sponsoo to search for sponsors for their much-needed new hook ladder. But there are far more objects where a sponsor can place his logo, for example the helmet or the uniform. The firefighters are the center of community-activities in a lot of small towns and therefore sponsors can generate a higher reach with their engagement.

6. Paintball

Paintball is not a registered sport right now, even though it is widely popular in Germany. The modus is pretty simple: Two teams of five try to reach the opponents base within an 11 minute time-limit. The rounds are super intensive and not boring at all. Paintball teams, who are all self-regulatory, also have their very own „Pit-Teams“ who are responsible for the equipment of the athletes. Paintball is a fairly expensive sport to play. That’s why PbSV Heidelberg’s Patrick Lamola is actively reaching out to potential sponsors: „Sponsoo is for a paintball addict like me a great opportunity to make Paintball popular“ – said the 36 year old. Sponsoo is more than happy to help Patrick!