Back in may of 2009, then 19-year old, sowjet-born Kristina Vogel was hit by a civil policecar during a practice session and sustained several injuries. She broke her thoracic vertebra, her wristbone, lost several teeth and suffered cuts in her face. But neither along stay in a hospital nor numerous operations could not stop the young athlete.

Seven years later: Kristina Vogel is working as a part-time police officer. She is an unbelievable powerhouse considering her size of just 1.60 m. Better yet, she is always so much fun to be around. Above all things, Vogel is a 12- time world champion, a six-time youth world champion and a 2-time olympic champion.  After her phenomenal victory in London four years ago, where she was able to win the gold medal in the teamsprint competition with her good friend Miriam Welte.
Las summer however, she was finally able to fulfill her lifelong dream and delievered one of the most memorable moments the games have ever produced. During her final race against the British Rebecca James, Kristina attempted a “tigerjump” just before the finish line. During such a maneuver, the driver pushes the bike forward with both arms to gain an advantage towards the opponent. Her push was so powerful, that the saddle fell apart and she crossed the line without it. It was well worth it: The sympathetic woman from Erfurt won Gold!

The performance she posted in Rio gained attention of numerous companies who saw the next strategic advertising-partner in Kristina Vogel. The unique success-story, paired with an unmatched will to win made Kristina’s Profile one of the most-clicked on the platform Sponsoo. One of the clients interested was the CEO of Kornfalt, Günther Braun. Kornfalt distributes high-class nature products like chia seeds, quinoa, fleawort and goji berries. Kristina as a top-athlete is eating healthy and was therefore a perfect “fit” for the sponsor. After some negotiations, the olympian and the businessman got together and signed an attractive sponsorship-deal:

Kristina Vogel receives healthy nature products and a small financial support, with which she can further pursue her athletic goals. Kornfalt in return, receives an advertising service within an authentic environment. The majority of Kristina’s fans are athletes who are interested in healthy nutrition as well. Because of the recommendation of an olympic athlete, Kornfalt gets an authentic imagetranser and in reverse an attractive branding for the company.



Günther Braun was happy about working with Sponsoo and we are hoping that both parties will continue their great relationship.


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