The 21st century is the century of digital advertising.
For decades, big companies were looking at traditional advertising boards or costly ads in magazines to bring their message across to the masses. But with the evolution of the “social web” and the resulting existence of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now every user can become a popular testimonial for companies.

To reach that goal, one should create an account and grow a large fan-base. You should not have a problem with this, if you follow these simple rules:

  • Other users will pay attention to your profile if your like and comment on their pictures. Be creative with your comments and they will look at your content in no time.
  • A click on the “Follow” button gets you even more attention and users are always excited if they get new followers. Who knows? Maybe they will return the favor and give you a “Follow-Back”.
  • Smart placement of “Hashtags” make your pictures easier to find within the platform. Pictures with the hashtag “soccer” are logically only visible to users who are interested in the game of soccer. The more precise the hashtag, the more the chance for other people to “follow” your account.

Just like Jil Zeletzki: The young woman from Lüneburg has accumulated more than 117.000 Followers on Instagram. Under her alias “jiliciousjorney”, the 22-year old lets her fans participate in her life. She posts pictures of her (vegan) food, her travels or her workout-routines.


Admittedly, Jil can earn some good money with her social-media reach. Plenty of companies are interested in working with the talented model. She often uploads pictures where she stages products like watches, granola bars or shoes perfectly. The products advertised are put in the center of attention subtle, but it never appears to be obvious advertising. This has various reasons:

  • She has a huge credibility within her community. If Jil uses a body lotion or visits a restaurants frequently, it can’t be that bad, right?
  • The target group is way more pointed than advertisements run on huge billboards. To put it differently: The divergence loss is not as big. Anybody who is interested in vegan food and sports, and is actively showing that by “following”  her account, is identifying themselves as part of said target group. Companies who are selling healthy snacks or sporting goods, can aim their strategy directly at their audience.

This whole idea can be described as Influencer Marketing. There is no official number when one can call themselves an Influencer. It is often dependent on the target group, but it is said, that people with more than 15.000 Followers can be defined as Influencers.

Other interesting Influencers are the former Triathlete FitMedMary, the berlin-born melinamandarini and Bea “bealapanthere” Twenning, who have already worked with famous companies.

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