Some members of the Sponsoo-Team swarmed out and and to promote the sponsoring revolution that is Sponsoo!
The main focus were two major fairs: The SPOBIS in Dusseldorf and the ISPO in Munich.

The SPOBIS is Europe’s biggest sports business congress and organized by the magazine SPONSORs every year. With over 2.000 attendees and more than 32 hours of program, the conference provides a high frequency of decision makers and with that comes a great opportunity for some networking withing the scene. High profile guests included Formula-1 champion Nico Rosberg, FC Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge or Sky Germany’s CEO, Carsten Schmidt, provided 2 days of exciting talk and made this event a must-visit for Sponsoo.

Just one week later, the ISPO in Munich took place. That fair is the world’s biggest multi-segment in the internaional sports business. 2.600 exhibitors from 110 countries were able to present their latest products to 88.000 visitors. This high attendance is due to the availability to the public.

Our sponsorship manager Tobias Vogt visited both events for us and talked about his impressions.

Sponsoo: Hey Tobi! Where are we catching you right now?

TV: Our Business-Development Ace Maurice and I are just on our way back to Hamburg after three exciting days at the ISPO in Munich. We were able to present the idea of Sponsoo in a dazzling atmosphere to a varied audience.

Sponsoo: What were your highlights at the ISPO?

TV: Oh, the brandnew-area directly comes to mind. Over 70 young companies in different phases of their existence were able to present their business-models to the interested audience. It was a pleasant atmosphere in which we had the opportunity to discuss similar tactics and problems every StartUp encounters. Furthermore, it was really interesting to see how many segments are paying attention to the digital change and adjusting their actions accordingly. Said change is especially important in the field of amateur-sports, which we heavily focus on at Sponsoo! But classic sports stuff like the development of new stadium experiences were amazing as well!

Sponsoo: Very interesting! And how was the SPOBIS in Dusseldorf for you? Were you successful?

TV:  Very! Our Head of Sales, Christian Wilhelm, and I were able to chat with some pretty interesting people! The SPOBIS is especially relevant for people who are working in the agency-business. You will always bump into a colleague and talk about future trends and realignments within the industry. Especially for Sponsoo, Europes largest marketplace for sportsponsoring, the lectures about eSports were mesmerizing. My personal highlight was the discussion between the gentlemen Rummenigge and Watzke, who talked about the future of football. In addition to that, the after parties are almost legendary! It can always happen that you end up playing ping-pong against some of the best athletes out there (laughs).

Sponsoo: How would you compare both events?

TV: While one can gain useful information about changing interests of customers (B2C) during the ISPO days, the focus at the SPOBIS lies more on networking and expanding one’s own business network. The atmosphere is more relaxed and there is a lot of time to discuss relevant topics with big decision makers in the business (B2B).

Sponsoo: So the days were a big success for you, right?

TV: Most definitely. I do not want to provide too much information, but I met plenty of interesting people who got super excited when I told them about Sponsoo! They were potential sponsors, as well as service-providers, who can help us with further improving our product. You guys can get very excited! :)

Sponsorship Manager Tobias Vogt

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