Welcome to Sponsoo!

Dear Sponsoo-member,

if you are reading this article, the chances are high that you have just created a sponsoree-profile on our platform! Welcome to Sponsoo, Europe’s largest marketplace for sports-sponsorship!

In this article, we will explain what you can do next to increase your reach towards potential sponsors even further.

Complete your profile

Your chances towards a succesful sponsorship start and end with your profile. This is your first impression, your business card so to speak, that a sponsor gets from you. That’s why it’s super important, to fill in all the information as detailed as possible! Besides a well-written description and amazing pictures, please also add your biggest successes and your social media reach.  Sponsors tend to always look here first. Please also focus on an authentic style of speech and on correct spelling. It is also important that you log in at least once a quarter and keep your profile up to date! If your profile is not correct, sponsors might not send you a request.

Connect your social media accounts

On Sponsoo, you can connect your social media accounts with your sponsoree-profile. With this, companies can get a better picture of your Facebook and Instagram appearance.  The best is: Our system fetches the current follower count from your profiles once a day, so that all of your data is current! We have also written an article on how you can improve your following on social media!

Share your profile on social media

If you share your Sponsoo-profile on your very own social media accounts, you can increase your reach in your own network super quick. To do so, just click the “Share” (for Facebook) or “Tweet” (for twitter) Button on your Sponsoo-profile.

Add the Sponsoo Widget to your homepage

One of our latest features is the so-called Widget. In your Dasboard, you will find an HTML-Code and a manual on how to  implement the code on your existing online-presence. With this, you can link your Sponsoo-Profile on your subdomain, for example “Sponsors and Partners”. If the process has been completed, it may look like this:


One last thing: To make sure that you will receive all of our mails, please add our Sponsoo-Adresses to your Whitelist. If you are not sure on how to do that, check our blog article right here.