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The Ecosystem of Sport Sponsorship

Sport sponsorship is a very valuable tool for businesses and an important support for sport clubs, teams and athletes. As some may know, a dyadic relationship between sponsors and the sponsored athletes or clubs, where just money and rights are exchanged, is not enough. Sport sponsorship is an engagement platform.

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Digital Sport Sponsorship

How does the Corona Virus impact sport sponsorship? Sport Sponsorship faces a drastic change. Cancelling sporting events and tournaments lead to a digital revolution in this sector. Experts predict that spectator experiences and feelings of an event will never be the same anymore. Sporting events and sport associations have to

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How Corona transformed people’s personal sporting behavior

Corona affected each one of us in our work as well as in our personal life. Because of closures or complete lockdowns life centred upon people’s home resulting in changing behaviors regarding nearly all areas. One of the most impaired spheres of life is sporting activity.

The global sports sponsorship market in numbers

Statista.com recently published a report on the global sports sponsorship market revealing the total amount of sports funding around the globe. More than just the amount itself, some inequalities are pointed out once more.

#Quarantraining: The 5 most creative training alternatives

With the Corona virus restrictions, closed training facilities and the Olympic games postponed athletes had to adapt their training routines and find alternative ways to stay in shape. We show you the 5 most creative training alternatives!

How sponsoring works within an online football manager

Lately the online football manager ONLINELIGA.de has registered on Sponsoo. ONLINELIGA.de is an online football management simulation. Behind every team is a team manager, represented by a real person, who manages and trains his virtual team and takes tactical decisions. In the simulation, everything works exactly as in real-life football.

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Jasmin Jüttner: “Now or never, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

Karate is olympic for the first and probably also for the last time at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which have been postponed to 2021. The 26-year-old Karateka Jasmin Jüttner tells us about this special opportunity in her career - about her dream, discipline and a never-ending passion. Jasmin (26)

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Sponsoring in eSports: Why is the gaming market so interesting for sponsors?

You can see the concentration and tension in the faces of the players as they look excitedly at the monitors. In the stands, numerous fans cheer when their team has performed well. ESport is the competitive playing of video games. Digitalisation means that sports are no longer played only in

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Digital doping – buying followers and likes

In recent years there has been a lot of negative press about brands, celebrities, influencers and even politicians who wanted to polish up their social media accounts by buying followers and/or likes. Nowadays, so-called fake followers can be bought with just a few clicks.

What the coronavirus crisis means for sports clubs

The corona virus poses new challenges for society and does not stop at organized sports. Meetings in clubs and other sports and leisure facilities are currently not permitted. Associations are therefore considering alternatives and must take into account the general decree as well as official decrees. According to this, sport

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