Exciting news from Sponsoo: now you have the opportunity to create or apply for sponsorship campaigns!

What does it mean:

A sponsorship campaign is a briefing that is automatically displayed to the rights holders that best meet your requirements. These rights holders can then send the sponsors a sponsorship offer. With a sponsorship campaign sponsors and rights holders close better sponsorships with less effort. Our campaigns allow you a 90%-time savings when researching sponsorship offers. There will also be a data-based pre-selection from almost 20,000 international rights holders. Additionally, a high comparability of all received offers is possible.

How it works for sponsors:

While creating your campaign, you can easily specify who you want to work with.  Our system filters which rights holders meet your criteria and only gives them the opportunity to send you an individual offer. So, you will only receive relevant partnership proposals!

1. Log in to Sponsoo and start a new campaign in the dashboard.

2. As a brand manager, you can customize who you want to work with. Possible criteria are, for example type of partner (individual athlete, club or event), social media channels, reach and many more. Only eligible rights holders see your briefing and can send you a proposal. This ensures that you only get relevant proposals.

3. Ask questions that the applicants have to answer. This way you can compare the applications even better.

4. Finally describe what services you would like to receive and what you are offering in return. You can offer cash, products/services or sales royalties.

Done! Our system calculates who can apply. From now on, the rights holders do the work and you only have to wait for the first individual and relevant applications.

You can then comfortably manage the incoming applications via Sponsoo. In addition to direct acceptance or rejection, you also have the option of contacting the applicants and seeking a personal exchange. On request, the Sponsoo team is always there to help and advise you.

How it works for rights holders:

If you want to be part of a campaign, you can create an application in four simple steps.

1. Log in to Sponsoo with your login details and select a campaign in your dashboard. Then you can apply for partnership.

2. Answer the sponsor’s questions. Your answers help you to stand out from the pool of applications.

3. In the next step, define which sponsorship deliverables you want to offer – for example shirt sponsorships, banner ads or posts on social media.

4. Then specify how much you want the sponsor to pay and write down your expectations. And submit your application. Done!

To ensure that your application has the best possible chance of success, we have already checked in advance whether you meet the sponsors’ most important criteria.

We wish all of you much success with our new campaign feature!