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Top 10 Athlete Influencers on TikTok

Are you following your favourite athlete on Social Media yet?  Most of today’s big athletes are quite active on Social Media. They nowadays share their lives as athletes on Social Media. But other than that, they often share more private things including family and friends as well as their love

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How Today’s Social Media Can Help You Turn into a Personal Brand

Social Media is an important part of digitalization and it seems that the present couldn’t be imagined without it. Social Media and its various platforms are an opportunity to share, to discuss and to connect. But have you thought about building your own Personal Brand with the help of Social

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How Sports Can Unite and Be “Banned” from Russian TV

Sports events are an important part of sponsorship placements.  If you think of soccer, everybody has a picture in mind of a huge soccer stadium with the advertisement banners at the side of the soccer field.  But what if these banners showed political statements? In recent European soccer matches, pitch-side

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When the simulation becomes reality

Electronic sports, or esports for short, has developed into a huge market in recent years. Many people still think of esports as nerds who sit in their basement and just play all day long. millions of dollars in prize money. Esports players are top athletes who have to be both

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Challenges and opportunities in working with amateur vs. professional athletes

Only three years ago Laura ran her first triathlon, this year she will be competing as a professional athlete for the first time. As a trainer she helps amateur athletes and aspiring professionals to achieve their goals. “I was a non-professional athlete myself until last year and I know how

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Sponsoo Experts (m/f/d) – Become your own boss!

“You’ve built a network in sports and you always wanted to work in the sports industry? Then the Sponsoo Expert Program is the perfect fit for you!”, says Sponsoo Pre Sales Manager Christian Alert.  The Sponsoo Expert Program offers you the opportunity to start your own sales business in the

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Super Bowl boosts crypto apps

The "Crypto Bowl” - even before the match started, the Super Bowl 2022 received a new nickname due to the advertising avalanche of cryptocurrency companies during the annual TV spectacle. Fueled by the rising demand in crypto - whether its nonfungible tokens (NFTs), meme tokens or the metaverse - the

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Sponsorship in female sports – Are you missing an opportunity?

The numbers of female sports sponsorships are shockingly low: Only about 0.4% of the yearly sponsorship deals goes towards female athletes. Equally low are broadcasting rates and media coverage, with female sports accounting for only 7% of the entire sports coverage. (Source: Women in Sport) With rising numbers in fans

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News from the RIP deal scammers

About half a year ago we wrote a blog article about so-called “currency exchange scammers” in sports. There it said: “The perpetrators appear as sponsors who want to book the most expensive sponsorship package without much negotiation. Often, they are foreign companies who are supposedly based in London. A meeting

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A brief history of sport sponsorships

Sponsorships are an important part of the sports world. The cooperation between companies and athletes or teams is a win-win strategy from which both sides can benefit. While sponsorship donations as a promotional strategy increase brand prestige and bring long-term economic benefits, athletes can derive material and financial benefits from

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