When does Influencer Marketing end and where does covert advertising start? This question has been a hot topic in the industry for a a long time now. Even the state court in Celle dealt with that question, as they convicted the drug-store chain Rossmann, because they placed the Hastag #AD second or third in their partner’s posts – not a good enough marking of the advertisement in the judge’s eyes. o the user, the pictures were not identifiable as an ad at first sight. But that is now all over with. The feed will be more transparent than ever, thanks to Instagram’s new tool!

Users, that include products in their pictures, have to indicate a paid partnership with the respective company via a pre-determined wording. The very popular Instagram-Stories added the feature as well – a logical step, since the successful copy of the Snapchat feature became a flagship for Instagram.  As of now, every company can be tagged as a partner, while only verified Instagram Accounts can use the new function. The tool, just like it’s Facebook counterpart will be called “Branded Content Tool”.


The tagged company can identify and measure relevant KPI’s like Impressions and Engagement Rate as part of their well-known Facebook Page Insights, while the accounts publishing the posts can look into the statistics directly on Instagram. The marking with the term “Paid Partnership with…” does not seem to bother the natural flow of the Feed and appeals rather inconspicuous. We think that the Branded Content Tool is a useful addition to Instagram that helps both sides, marketeers and influencers.

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