Sports-betting on the results of the Olympics

The German sports betters have placed bets worth approximately 4,8 Billion Euros in all of last year, naturally on the most popular sport in the country: Soccer.

But every four years, a sporting event of major importance lurks around the corner and fascinates sports fans all over the world: The Olympic Games. Fans interested in the 27 different sports not called football got the chance to make major money with their knowledge on sports, that are not that popular in Germany.

How did our Olympians do?

Our partner “Wettbasis” is observing the betting-scene in Germany very closey, including the odds set by different providers. This year, Wettbasis itself became active as a sponsor on Sponsoo and supported several olympic athletes. The betting-fans here at Sponsoo asked themselves one important question: How good was Wettbasis’ selection of athletes?  If we had put our money on a gold medal of every athlete supported by Wettbasis, would we have won anything? 

Wettbasis collected the following odds for our Sponsoo-Olympians:

  • Philipp Buhl (Sailing / Laser-Class): Odds for gold on bet-at-home: 1:13
  • Kristina Vogel (track cycling): Odds for gold on Unibet: 1:4,5
  • Laura Vargas Koch (Judo): Odds for gold on WilliamHill: 1:7
  • Max Hoff (Kayak): Odds for gold in the K4 on interwetten: 1:5,5
  • Karl-Richard Frey (Judo): Odds for Gold on mybet: 1:11

The odds of a bet shows the amount of money one would win for every euro they wager. If the odd is 1:5, and the player wagers 1 Euro, he receives  5 Euro if he wins. Logically, if one wagers 10 Euro, they would win 50 Euro.

Let’s assume that we placed 10 Euro on a gold medal performance by every athlete sponsored by Wettbasis. Altogether, our bet is now worth 50 Euro. And what’s the result?
Kristina Vogel and Max Hoff played the role of the favorite perfectly and would have given us 45 respectively 55 Euro which adds up to a total of 100€. With a stake of 50€ , we would have won a total amount of 50€! Not bad!

We can be very content with doubling-up the original stake in general, and a winning amount of 50 Euro especially. If we engaged your attention about sports-betting, hop on over to and check it out!

Sponsoo reminds you to gamble with responsibility.