You need to set objectives to be successful. Our objective: 50 push-ups in one go.

We have developed a 30 day training plan on the basis of the training plans of our Sponsoo athletes. After 30 days of training we indeed managed to do 50 push-ups in one go! We have been reasonably athletic before, but the performance increase was definitely noticeable and exceeded our expectations.

This is how you manage to do 50 push-ups in one go with the 30 day push-up challenge:

  1. Print this sheet
  2. Hang print-out in your room
  3. Do push-ups
  4. Be strong! ūüí™

You find the 30 day push-up challenge training plan here: 30 Day Push Up Challenge

Do it! Together we become fitter. Also make sure to share this page with your friends and get them to do the 30-day push-up challenge as well. If you motivate each other, it’s much easier to keep up the spirit! :)

30 Days - 50 Push-Ups

Do 50 Push-Ups after 30 Days of Training.