2016 had a lot of exciting sporting-events to offer. Besides the major events like the European soccer championship and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, especially the European handball championship amazed the German sports-fans. Annual events like Super Bowl 50, the UEFA Champions League Final as well as the famous Tour de France were the focal points in the sports world once again.

Sponsoo would like to introduce 5 athletes, who we predict are going to have an amazing 2017. The World rowing championships and the world champions of the track and field athletes are only some of the big events heading our way this year.

Romy Kölzer (Tennis)

Romy KölzerRomy Kölzer is not one of the youngsters in tennis anymore. But with her 25 years, she does not have to. She lived in the United States until May 2016 to achieve her biggest dream (so far): A college education, combined with practicing tennis on a professional level. Kölzer played for the Clemson Tigers for three years and graduated with a degree in communications. After that, she went to VCU to complete her masters degree where she decided to turn professional. In just two months, Romy has cracked the top 900 in the world and is currently ranked 39th in Germany. In this short time, she was able to collect her first trophies in international tournaments and we are sure that 2017 has a lot in store for one of our favourite tennis players!

Teve Knüppel (Rowing)

Teve KnüppelTeve Knüppel is only 16 years old but still practices 10 times a week as a member of the elite school of sports. On three days in the week, he hits the lake even before school! Teve has one big goal: The Olympics 2024. Before that, he wants to take on the field in the World rowing championship held in Florida this year. He has already won everything in the under-17 division and was therefore nominated for the under-18 national team. The fascinating fact about Teve is that he started rowing just six years ago.  By looking at this steep career, one can only estimate what great things are ahead of him. We sure hope it is going to be a gold medal in the Olympics 2024.


Kristin Gierisch (Triple Jump)

Kristin GierischTrack and Field fans probably already know about the name Kristin Gierisch. But with the Track and Field World Championship in London lurking around the corner, the popular athlete is looking to shock the world in London. After an impressive eleventh place in Rio de Janeiro, Gierisch is ready to jump to a medal in England this fall. Her personal best is standing at 14,46m, which she jumped in Prague two years ago. With a great offseason and some succesful meetings in the summer, Kristin could set the bar higher and put some attention on herself before the big event. We are sure: Kristin Gierisch is one of the front runners for a top 3 finish in this years world championship!


Sönke Brederlow (Racing)

Sönke BrederlowSönke Brederlow is extremely talented in more than one way. Besides his job as a journalist for Auto Bild Motorsport and Auto Bild Sportcars, the 25 year old is a race-driver himself. He was able to finish second in the ADAC Logan Cup last year. Furthermore, Brederlow was able to land a guest-start in the Audi TT-Cup on the famous Nürburgring and was able to race on the legendary “Nordschleife”, where he finished second as well. After that performance, he hopes to race a full season for a squad in said Audi TT-Cup. As of now, he can not tell which squad he is going to choose because he is negotiating with several teams. But: He has some interesting offers so one can look forward to see the nice German back on the road sooner than later! We wish you all the best for the upcoming season!


Lena Erdil (Windsurfing)

Lena ErdilIf you are able to speak five different languanges, have studied in England, and are able to surf on the most beautiful beaches in the world, you are predestined to appear on our list. Lena Erdil’s athletic success underlines said thesis. Erdil is the current vice world windsurfing champion and one of the few athletes who are able to call themselves a “Red Bull athlete”. When she is not surfing, she is running her very own Lena Erdil Windsurf Center in Turkey, which even holds its own surfing events. Lena can prepare for major competitions by competing in her very own facility. How cool is that? We cross our fingers for an exciting year 2017, in which Lena will take one step at a time towards the big goal: A world championship.



Florian Breuer (Canoe Slalom)

Pain is temporary, Pride is forever. This is the motto of 19- year old canoe slalom pilot Florian Breuer. And in his sports, a high resistance to pain is Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.
extremely necessary! When it comes to pride, Florian has been able to gain a lot of that because of his athletic success. After winning the world championship in the under-18 class in 2014, he was able to follow up that performance with another world championship in the under-23 class two years later. However, the youth competitions are not his main focus. He wants more. The multiple German champion is looking forward to the European Championships in Tacen (SLO) and, of course, the 2020 Olympics in Tokio. Here is to another great year that is going to fill him with even more pride!



Santino Exenberger (Skateboarding)

Speaking of the 2020 Olympics. Skateboarding is going to be an Olympic competition for the very first time and we hope that the Austrian Santino Exenberger is going to compete in said event. Besides his dozens of national and international titles, the only 16-year old skating-phenom was able to compete in the World Championship in South Africa. Up next are even more competitions and a training camp at Camp Woodward, the skateboarding-mecca. With these actions, Santino is going to improve his skills even further to be able to leave his mark in international contests around the world!

Which athletes do you think are going to make it in 2017? We are curious to hear your thoughts in the comments! If you are interested in partnering with Kristin Gierisch, Teve Knüppel, Lena Erdil, Sönke Brederlow, Romy Kölzer, Florian Breuer, Santino Exenberger or other amazing athletes for your marketing-mix, contact us under support@sponsoo.de or search through our database. We are more than happy to assist you!