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EV Landshut – talent pool and traditional power

Hockey fans around the country were paying close attention to the EV Landshut last December. The club with a rich history was about to fall apart, but the visions embodied by the club were just enough to keep the sponsors aboard and save the club with their help. A very important decision for the city of Landshut, but an even bigger one for the landscape of hockey in Germany.

The Hockey-Club Landshut (EVL) is not just a club with a rich history, including two German national championships and several other trophies. It is known, even beyond the borders of Bavaria, as a manufacturer of amazing hockey talents. Some experts even describes as the best youth academy in Germany.  Stars like Cristoph Schubert, NHL-Pro Marco Sturm , Erich Künhackl and today’s rising talents like Erich’s son Tom Kühnhackl Tobias Rieder have once played for the EVL. Even the present teams feature plenty of German internationals. The EV Landshut puts the emphasis on tradition and sustainability like no other club in Germany. Potential sponsors can work with the club to transfer common visions and values.

Our Sponsoo-Groundhopper Maurice Lange was in Landshut last week to visit the home-tilt against of the of the league’s top teams: The Tölzer Lions.

Landshut has a population of 70.000 and is, most certainly, not one of the marquee soccer-cities in the country. Sunday-league club SpVgg Landshut has an average crowd of 270. Soccer is King? Not in Landshut – ice hockey is reígning over lower Bavaria.  The passion for the fastest team-sport in the world is not just noticeable in the arena. Fans and supporters are crowding public places and bars hours before the puck-drop to get ready for the game.  

The arena, built in the 1950s and located right by the river Isar, is not comparable to the modern multi-functional temples of the German National Hockey League (DEL).  But other than the big houses of the league, the Ice-Arena has kept it’s charm of an old rink built on tradition and support. In Landshut, there are no massive light-shows, fireworks or artificial snow.  It is freezing inside and most of the capicity is made of standing room only. Down here, the fans create the atmosphere. Music-breaks and clap banners? Non existent during EVL home games. Down-to-earth,  unvarnished hockey for more than 6.500 enthusiasts. The fanbase is a mixture of die-hard fans with plenty of merchandise and businessmen located in two massive hospitality-areas behind the nets.

The story of the game is told rather quickly. After being down 1:0 after the first period of play, Landshut fought back to claim a 2:1 lead after two. The final period began with two consecutive goals by Tölz, and counter-attack  during a Landshut power-play sealed the deal. Final score: a 4:2 for the EVL.

There are plenty of opportunities for potential sponsors to support ice hockey in Landshut, whether it be on the boards, on the big screen or on the ice itself. For just 1.750 Euro, one can place their logo on the boards and create a high visibility for his brand. A premium-partnership starts at 35.000 and the main sponsorship-package is around 100.000 Euro. The Team of Europe’s biggest Marketplace for Sport-Sponsorship, Sponsoo, would be more than happy to help you with any of your questions!

If you are interested in a partnership with EV Landshut, contact the club via their Sponsoo-Profile.

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