Only three years ago Laura ran her first triathlon, this year she will be competing as a professional athlete for the first time. As a trainer she helps amateur athletes and aspiring professionals to achieve their goals.

“I was a non-professional athlete myself until last year and I know how difficult it is to juggle everything.” 

Laura CHacon Biebach

As a coach, she helps to optimally integrate the training plan into her clients everyday life. Compared to professional athletes, who have enough time to find the perfect setup between training, sleep, food and recovery. In her experience, amateur athletes train just as intensively as professional athletes and that is where the main challenge of time management comes in: “You have to keep an eye on the total workload and find the optimal training intensity for each individual athlete.”

To find a balance between being encouraging and trying not to overwhelm the athletes she trains, Laura tells us that communication is key. Her only point of frustration is when her plans are not followed and the lack of results is blamed on the program – not the commitment. She adds: “Most of the time I have a lot of understanding for my clients – I remember how hard it is and that sometimes training has to come secondary.”

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Last year Laura trained and supported Carina Hilfenhaus before and during her #mychallenge. Because of Carina’s health issues and her little prior training experience it was critical to carefully increase her training and optimize her diet. “Mentally it was important that she sees what she can do and that she believes in herself.“

Laura herself was also able to learn something from the challenge, which is that everyone is different and has different limits – all you have to do is concentrate on yourself and your own improvements. 

When it comes to comparing professional’s with amateur athletes, there are more similarities than differences in her opinion: “Everyone pushes their limits in training and in competition. Only the pace is different – so everyone has to face the same challenges.”

At the end of our interview Laura was able to share 3 Tips with us for when professional athletes and those who are aspiring to become one are training together:

1. Start together and do a similar warm-up

2. Train intervals and use your own speed

3. Utilize the slipstream while cycling

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