Since December last year, Team Sponsoo has gone back to working from home. As much as we all understand the severity of the Covid numbers and the necessity of working from home – we miss working in the office with our colleagues! 

However, there is no time to get upset – the work needs to get done (especially around Christmas, time doesn’t stand still). Just like most of you, our team has built their strategies for working at home and we care to share! 

Since we are all working towards the same goal, our team needs a possibility to exchange about ongoing projects, deadlines and important tasks.

Regular morning calls with the whole team are therefore not only helpful to get out of bed in the morning and dress into some “real clothes” – they also help us work together and make it easier to have a good start into our day! 

Do you tend to have regular discussions with your co-workers that fuel your creativity? Our Marketing Team additionally schedules short, 5-Minute meetings once or twice a day (depending on their need for chatter) to keep each other in the loop. 

Try to find a dedicated work-space in your home! Easy setup, working technology and a comfortable chair make the change into your home office go smoother. It is extremely important to our team leaders that all employees have everything they need to work from home – no need to make compromises that lower their quality of work. Whether it’s a mouse or keyboard, additional screens or headsets, everything is delivered to our team members home. Our sales manager Jonas swears by his flexible desk at home, where he can change the sitting and standing positions several times a day!

Flexible Desk

Last order of business: MOVE! Get up from your chair (which hopefully somewhat resembles an ergonomic office chair) and stretch, go for a walk and breathe some fresh air. Our intern Lukas sets a good example and finishes his home-workout before our morning meeting. If you are not as ambitious – a quick walk during your lunch break has a similar effect. Most importantly – take real breaks. Close your laptop, don’t check your phone and leave your apartment for a change of scenery.

Do you have some helpful tips for working remotely? Leave us a comment!


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