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Jasmin Jüttner: “Now or never, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

Karate is olympic for the first and probably also for the last time at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which have been postponed to 2021. The 26-year-old Karateka Jasmin Jüttner tells us about this special opportunity in her career - about her dream, discipline and a never-ending passion. Jasmin (26)

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Sponsoring in eSports: Why is the gaming market so interesting for sponsors?

You can see the concentration and tension in the faces of the players as they look excitedly at the monitors. In the stands, numerous fans cheer when their team has performed well. ESport is the competitive playing of video games. Digitalisation means that sports are no longer played only in

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Digital doping – buying followers and likes

In recent years there has been a lot of negative press about brands, celebrities, influencers and even politicians who wanted to polish up their social media accounts by buying followers and/or likes. Nowadays, so-called fake followers can be bought with just a few clicks.

What the coronavirus crisis means for sports clubs

The corona virus poses new challenges for society and does not stop at organized sports. Meetings in clubs and other sports and leisure facilities are currently not permitted. Associations are therefore considering alternatives and must take into account the general decree as well as official decrees. According to this, sport

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What the Corona Virus means for Olympic Athletes

The highly dynamic spread of coronavirus infections not only has an impact on the economy and society, but also on sports worldwide. We asked three different top athletes about the current situation and how the current crisis is affecting their lives.

How to get Social Sharing Links on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Since last week, Sponsoo users can share social media posts with their partners in their "Sponsorship Feed". If you want to share a post, you just need to copy the link to the post into the corresponding form field and click on "Publish". Our system then takes care of the

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You’ve just created a Sponsoo Profile – What’s next?

Welcome to Sponsoo! Dear Sponsoo-member, if you are reading this article, the chances are high that you have just created a sponsoree-profile on our platform! Welcome to Sponsoo, Europe's largest marketplace for sports-sponsorship! In this article, we will explain what you can do next to increase your reach towards potential

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You’ve just created a Sponsor Profile – What’s next?

Welcome to Sponsoo! Dear Sponsor, if you are reading this article, chances are that you have just created a sponsor-profile on our platform! Welcome to Sponsoo, Europe's largest marketplace for sports-sponsoring! In this article, we want to explain what you can do to manage the whole sponsoring-process online! Contact our

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How to Whitelist Sponsoo-Mails.

Spam-Filter protect us from dangerous external hacker-attacks and viruses, but sometimes E-Mails are sorted into the wrong folder. To prevent those "False Positive Mistakes" and help you to receive all of our messages in the  future, you can put all of our Mails into a so-called "Whitelist".  We have collected

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More international hotspots searchable on sponsoo.com

Dear Sponsoo-Users, as more and more athletes, clubs, associations and events in international hotspots sign up, we have added manually further cities to our database. If you were looking for assets in „Vienna“ for example, you did not find any profiles. That has now changed: If you are looking for

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