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The start of a new marathon season!

Finally! It's  running season again! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and so is the motivation to lace up the running shoes! Here in Hamburg, lots of people are jogging around the Alster and the city-park is frequented by joggers more and more. The manufacturers of sports

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Lead Developer wanted!

We keep growing! We are looking for Lead Developers (m/f), who want to support our IT team and are interested in developing even more together with us. Interested? Just drop us an email: jobs@sponsoo.de Who we are: Sponsoo is Germanys biggest marketplace for sport- sponsoring. It is pretty simple: athletes,

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Five athletes, who have starred in TV-Shows before.

Jewellery designer, model or presenter of shows. All three are classic jobs for athletes who are pursuing a career after their playing days. But more money can be made in the film- and television-industry. Global icons like the British football player David Beckham, who is currently preparing for his role

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New Website Version Released

We released a new version of the Sponsoo website today. The following changes were made: New features: Sports people see statistics how many users have viewed their profile Our website is now using the Aurelia JavaScript framework, which makes it much faster Improved usability of the profile dashboard Added missing

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Patron. Donor. Sponsor. What are the differences?

Dietmar Hopp in Hoffenheim,  Wilfried Finke in Paderborn, Klaus-Michael Kühne in Hamburg, or the troubled Hasan Ismaik in Munich. These 4 businessmen, who all hail from different parts of the economy and the world, share a common hobby: Football. As patrons, all four put tens of millions of their own

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Between non-league football and the big money: historical and traditional football clubs in England and their fan-bases.

Football is coming home! Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club are on the way back home to their original football ground. Everything started here. Two teams, one with red caps, the other with blue ones played the simple game of soccer. Who would have thought in 1857, when the

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Sportfreunde Lotte – Cinderella Story from the Countryside.

Fans of the German juggernaut FC Bayern München in 2017 still flinch when they hear the phrases "Weinheim 1990" and "Vestenbergsgreuth 1994".  On both nights in August, the dreams of another big cup run for the bavarian team were shattered abruptly. In 1990, Bayern travelled to their bush-league opponent FV

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Sponsoo visits SPOBIS & ISPO

Some members of the Sponsoo-Team swarmed out and and to promote the sponsoring revolution that is Sponsoo! The main focus were two major fairs: The SPOBIS in Dusseldorf and the ISPO in Munich. The SPOBIS is Europe's biggest sports business congress and organized by the magazine SPONSORs every year. With

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How the social media account can be used as an advertising platform.

The 21st century is the century of digital advertising. For decades, big companies were looking at traditional advertising boards or costly ads in magazines to bring their message across to the masses. But with the evolution of the "social web" and the resulting existence of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now every

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The hockey landscape in Germany

The German hockeyteams have been extremely successful internationally over the last couple of decades. Stars like Moritz Fürste, Florian Fuchs and Janne Müller-Wieland are well known in Germany. When it comes down to the domestic league however, not a lot of people seem seriously interested in the sport. This is

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