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How to get Social Sharing Links on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Since last week, Sponsoo users can share social media posts with their partners in their "Sponsorship Feed". If you want to share a post, you just need to copy the link to the post into the corresponding form field and click on "Publish". Our system then takes care of the

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You’ve just created a Sponsoo Profile – What’s next?

Welcome to Sponsoo! Dear Sponsoo-member, if you are reading this article, the chances are high that you have just created a sponsoree-profile on our platform! Welcome to Sponsoo, Europe's largest marketplace for sports-sponsorship! In this article, we will explain what you can do next to increase your reach towards potential

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You’ve just created a Sponsor Profile – What’s next?

Welcome to Sponsoo! Dear Sponsor, if you are reading this article, chances are that you have just created a sponsor-profile on our platform! Welcome to Sponsoo, Europe's largest marketplace for sports-sponsoring! In this article, we want to explain what you can do to manage the whole sponsoring-process online! Contact our

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How to Whitelist Sponsoo-Mails.

Spam-Filter protect us from dangerous external hacker-attacks and viruses, but sometimes E-Mails are sorted into the wrong folder. To prevent those "False Positive Mistakes" and help you to receive all of our messages in the  future, you can put all of our Mails into a so-called "Whitelist".  We have collected

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More international hotspots searchable on sponsoo.com

Dear Sponsoo-Users, as more and more athletes, clubs, associations and events in international hotspots sign up, we have added manually further cities to our database. If you were looking for assets in „Vienna“ for example, you did not find any profiles. That has now changed: If you are looking for

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“Paid Partnership” – Instagram introduces a Branded Content Tool!

When does Influencer Marketing end and where does covert advertising start? This question has been a hot topic in the industry for a a long time now. Even the state court in Celle dealt with that question, as they convicted the drug-store chain Rossmann, because they placed the Hastag #AD

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A better performance with less oxygen – working out with a mask.

Once you put them on, you kind of look like Bane, the villain from the Batman movies. One can see them more and more in fitness studios and in so called crossfit boxes: Training masks. They are training the muscle group that is required for almost every sport out there:

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30 Day Push-Up Challenge

You need to set objectives to be successful. Our objective: 50 push-ups in one go. We have developed a 30 day training plan on the basis of the training plans of our Sponsoo athletes. After 30 days of training we indeed managed to do 50 push-ups in one go! We

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The start of a new marathon season!

Finally! It's  running season again! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and so is the motivation to lace up the running shoes! Here in Hamburg, lots of people are jogging around the Alster and the city-park is frequented by joggers more and more. The manufacturers of sports

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Lead Developer wanted!

We keep growing! We are looking for Lead Developers (m/f), who want to support our IT team and are interested in developing even more together with us. Interested? Just drop us an email: jobs@sponsoo.de Who we are: Sponsoo is Germanys biggest marketplace for sport- sponsoring. It is pretty simple: athletes,

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